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anyPin DMD+ NVRAM Battery Eliminator

Today I'm excited to announce the release of a new version of anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator, the anyPin DMD+. This low cost version of anyPin will work in all DMD pinball machines manufactured up to 2006*, *PLUS* Williams System 8, System 9, Williams/Bally System 11, Bally 6803 and Data East games that originally used 6116 RAM. Any game that originally used either 6116, 6264 or 62256 RAM will work with an anyPin DMD+!

When I first introduced anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator two years ago, my goal was to have a single part to eliminate batteries in pinball machines. The original anyPin NVRAM option is still available with the Universal anyPin NVRAM. However many of you voiced that cost was more important than the universal aspect of anyPin. Always happy to give the customer what they want, the anyPin 5101 and the anyPin 6116/6264 were attempts to fulfill customer demand. The cost of the 5101 and 6116/6264 specific versions of anyPin was still too high, so another redesign and anyPin DMD+ was born! anyPin DMD+ has been used in hundreds of games for well over a year during reliability and real-world testing by some of my close friends.

*Stern games manufactured before 2006 (Whitestar), all WPC, System 8, System 9, System 11, 6803, Sega, and Data East machines are fully compatible with anyPinDMD+. Stern games made after 2006 and Gottlieb System 3s are not compatible.

anyPin DMD+ Set as 6264

anyPin DMD+ Set as 6116

Williams System 8, System 9, and System 11, and Bally 6803 games require 10K Ohm resistors at R1 and R2 to be installed on the bottom of anyPin DMD+. If you indicate in the notes of your order that you're installing into one of these games, the needed resistors will be installed prior to shipping.

R1 and R2 populated with 10K Ohm through-hole resistors is perfectly fine.

Since the 6116 RAM is a smaller chip (24 pins compared to 28 pins on a 6264) the four front pins on anyPin will overhang out of the socket when being used as a 6116. Align "Pin 1 6116" on anyPin to pin one of the RAM socket on the board.

anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator

No More Batteries!! The anyPin NVRAM requires no batteries to keep your game's settings and high scores. Install it in your game and never worry about batteries or losing your settings again.

Each anyPin comes with gold plated machined SIP socket strips, except for the anyPin DMD+, which is the economy version.

anyPin NVRAM
Gold Plated 40-Pin Machined SIP Socket Strip
In stock and now shipping!!