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anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator
Introducing anyPin NVRAM, the only pinball CPU RAM you'll ever need! No more batteries!!!

5101 settings in a Bally MPU on left.  6264 settings in a WPC CPU on right.

The anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator is a single part that will replace most all the RAM chips in all your pinball machines and keep their settings WITH NO BATTERIES!

It's a simple idea -- collectors need to get their batteries off of their pinball machine's CPU boards. All batteries leak eventually, sometimes causing hundreds of dollars of damage. Getting these batteries off of the CPU board is why I introduced the No-Solder Remote Battery Holder several years ago.

Now there is a better way, which is to eliminate those batteries entirely. I'm very excited to announce my new pinball RAM replacement, the anyPin NVRAM adapter. A universal part that can replace the RAM chip in most any modern pinball machine and eliminate the need for batteries completely!

No more batteries means no more battery damaged boards! A universal part eliminates the need to stock separate products for different CPU systems. The universal anyPin NVRAM covers *every* common version of RAM used in pinball; identical parts can be used to replace a 5101, 6116, and 6264, so one adapter will work in every game!

Early Bally and Stern solid state games, Williams System 3-7, System 9, System 11, WPC, WPC-S, WPC-95, Data East, Sega, Stern, and Gottlieb System 80 have all been fully tested and work great with the anyPin NVRAM adapter.  A complete compatibility list can be found here.

If you're on a budget, a 5101-only version is available, along with a second 6116/6264-only version.

Don't know what version you'll need? Get the complete, universal version and use it in most ANY game you want just by changing a few switches!

Each anyPin comes with gold plated machined SIP socket strips, except for the anyPin DMD+, which is the economy version.

Gold Plated 40-Pin Machined SIP Socket Strip
anyPin NVRAM
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anyPin DMD+ Configuration Instructions