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These are the items currently for sale. All are brand new and as with everything we sell or service, fully guaranteed. Click on thumbnail photo for additional photos and description.

anyPin NVRAM Battery Eliminator

No More Batteries!! The anyPin NVRAM requires no batteries to keep your game's settings and high scores. Install it in your game and never worry about batteries or losing your settings again.

Each anyPin comes with gold plated machined SIP socket strips, except for the anyPin DMD+, which is the economy version.

anyPin NVRAM
Gold Plated 40-Pin Machined SIP Socket Strip

Ramtrom FM1608 NVRAM-$12.99

BRAND NEW!! NOT used! NOT a pull! NOT scrap!

Rottendog Reproduction Pinball Boards

Total Nuclear Annihilation Purple Display Gels-$9.99

Quickly and easily turn your TNA score displays from stock white to nuclear purple!!

Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Pair-$19.99

Two Mr. Meeseeks, mounted to a thin plastic washer, that easily mount to existing posts near the Meeseeks Box. Easily installed and removed with no modifications needed to the game. A random selection of two Mr. Meeseeks are included. No duplicates for multiples ordered, up to twelve Meeseeks.

Now Available-Additional Sets of TZ Clock Board LEDs

Complete sets of LEDs for Ingo's TZ Clock Board.

LED Color

Inquisitor IC Testing System

Inquisitor IC Tester is an interchangeable system to test various ICs. The Core unit pairs with your choice of Blade to test a variety of Integrated Circuits including SRAM, PSRAM, DRAM, PIAs, RIOTs, and others. Available in assemble yourself kit, or assembled and ready to use.

Avaiable Blades--

•SRAM Blade-tests 2101, 2114, 2016, 2018, 2125, 2147, 2148, 2149, 2465, 4016, 9114, 5101, 6514, 6116, 6264, 6810, 5189, 7489, 74189, W24257, W24257, M5M5189, 62256 and all variations of anyPin NVRAM.

•PSRAM Blade-tests 3764, 4164, 6665, 9064, 4256, 41256, 4416, 4464, 41464, 44256, 4516, and 81416.

•9060 DRAM Blade-tests 9060 and compatible DRAM.

•4116 DRAM Blade-tests 4116, 9116, D416, 4027, 4096

•PIA/RIOT Blade-tests 6821 and compatible Peripheral Interface Adapters, and 6532 and compatible RIOT ICs.

This interchangeable system requires a Core, and one or more of the available Blades to function.


Pinball Magazine

The in-depth pinball glossy (more like a book)


Kester 63/37 No Clean Solder-1lb--$49.99

Yes, this is the good stuff. Kester SN63PB37 #50/245 0.031" 24-6337 1 pound roll. Sold elsewhere at almost $100 per roll. Get it now before it's gone!

JJP Software Update USB Stick--$19.99

Pre-loaded USB stick with the latest Jersey Jack Pinball software for the selected game.
Includes both Alpha and Delta updates where applicable.
For Alpha, with game off, insert USB stick, turn game on, update will be automatic. For Delta, with game on, insert USB stick, go into diagnostics by pressing "Enter" button on coin door, select Settings>Utilites>USB Update and press Enter. Be sure to remove USB stick when finished.

All USB sticks include the latest version.

Wizard of Oz Playfield Plastic Set--$37.99

Complete 12 piece laser cut PETG playfield plastic set for Wizard of Oz.

Color and Original Orange Replacement LED Displays

Infrared Opto Receiver and Transmitter 10-Pack--$3

These are original Williams parts.  The opto and receiver do not need to be changed in pairs if you're replacing original optos in your game.  Replace only the bad side of the opto circuit.

No-Solder Remote Battery Holder--New Options!--$7.99-$25.99

Get those batteries off the CPU! This remote battery holder requires no soldering. It simply slides right into your existing, good condition CPU battery holder and then the batteries mount to the side of the cabinet away from your expensive boards.

Kit option includes wood dowels, not the white plastic of Plug and Play versions.

New option adds eight feet of wire so batteries can be placed in coin box.  No need to get into the head to change batteries with this option.


15KuF 25V Capacitor--$3.99

These are the perfect size for replacing the power capacitors on WPC driver boards.

WPC High Voltage Repair Kit--$13.99

All parts needed to replace the entire high voltage section of all WPC and WPC-S DMD driver boards. Includes the elusive 150uF 160V capacitors.
Game System

Pinball 2000 Flipper Button Assembly-$29.99

Exclusive to Pinball 2000 games Revenge from Mars and Star Wars Episode One, these flipper button assemblies are extremely difficult to come by.

Pinball 2000 Flipper Button Switch Board-$29.99

Pinball 2000 PUB Card Rental-$30

Upon payment the PUB card of your choice; RFM or SWE1, will be shipped by Priority Mail so that you can update your Pinball 2000 game with ease.  A payment of $250 is required and $220 will be refunded on return of the PUB card.  If you'd like to keep the PUB card, just don't send it back and we'll keep the deposit.

Choose Game

Revenge From Mars/Star Wars Episode One Combo Shooter Rod/Launch Button Assembly--$129

This is a replacement shooter assembly with a launch button built in. Put this in once and you're done replacing the shooter rod/launch button when swapping between Revenge From Mars and Star Wars Episode One.
Currently Sold-Out

Pinball 2000 CGA/VGA Converter--$99-$129

Plug and play converter for installing LCD in P2K games.  This converter and a mount is all you need to install an LCD in your P2K game.  All needed wiring and additional circuitry is included in the plug and play harness and board.

Pinball 2000 LCD Mounting Kit--$85

From Great Lakes Modular, this LCD mounting kit was designed specifically for Pinball 2000 and lets you easily mount an LCD in your Revenge From Mars or Star Wars Episode One.

Currently Sold-Out

Pinball Classics T-Shirt--$20

Art Expertly Created by Ryan Claytor
Pre-sale: Now shipping!!!
Printed on a dark blue, high quality T-shirt. 3XL and larger are $5 additional.

Embroidered Pinball Cap--$22 each or 2 for $40.

High quality embroidered caps with fully adjustable brass buckle strap.

Select the color you'd like below. Click the photo above to see the available colors.
Color One
Color Two

Ablaze LEDs in single style, single color packs of 100--$48



Choose your color and style.  Each package contains 100 LEDs in one style and one color.

#555 Color
#44 Color