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CGA/VGA Converter
Now available in plug and play and in bring your own adapter versions.

Plug and play version.  Simply attach your VGA cable from the P2K PC to the gray sync adapter on the right, then your monitor cable to P4 on the left.  Mount the adapter to the inside of the P2K head and enjoy your LCD!

Bring your own adapter version.  If you already have a standard CGA/VGA converter, use this version to allow it to work in your P2K game.

Bring your own version installed on your CGA/VGA converter.  Your converter must have the standard power plug as shown in the upper left of this photo with the black and red wires coming out of it.  If you do not have this power plug, you will need to solder the power wires to your board.  

Most P2K games supply 5V to the converter through the VGA cable so no external power supply is needed. If the red LED on the converter does not light up, then your computer does not.  You will need to supply the converter with the needed 5V.  Under no circumstances should any more than 5V be used.  Adapter plugs are available if needed, please email for details.