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No Solder Remote Battery Holder
The No Solder Remote Battery Holder easily installs right into your original good condition battery holder on your CPU.  For use in all Williams/Bally games from System 11 thru WPC-95 and most Williams System 3-7 games.  Versions available for DE/Sega/Stern games, simply indicate in the notes section of your order what game you're purchasing for.

Red wire to battery "+" on the CPU.  Black wire/lug to battery "-".  On WPC-89 games, red to top right, black to bottom left as shown.

Rest the holder on the light board support to the left side of the CPU.  Use the included Velcro stickies to keep it from moving around.  Be sure to clean the area of the inside of the cabinet, where the sticky dots will attach, with rubbing alcohol prior to sticking them for long lasting stickiness. 

On System 11 games, the red wire will be on the bottom left, and the black wire/lug on the upper right.

Now available, new option adds eight feet of wire to allow battery holder to be placed in coin box.  This option allows the batteries to be changed by simply opening the coin door.  No need to get into the head any longer to change batteries.

No Solder Remote Battery Holder with 8 feet of wiring option.